Gender Pay Gap Statement

Trafalgar Contractor Solutions Ltd employs contractors and temporary workers, who prefer to work multiple assignments, under a permanent over-arching employment contract. Therefore as a compliant employer, we are required by law to report our Gender Pay Gap on an annual basis.

Trafalgar are not involved in the negotiation of the contracted rate, which is determined by the end client, recruitment agency and worker before each assignment commences. The rate will be dependent on the skill set and experience required to complete an assignment as well as demand.

According to our Gender Pay Gap calculations, we are pleased to report a minimal pay gap between male and female contractor employees. This is mainly a result of similar contracted rates being applied by the recruitment agencies for comparable roles.

Furthermore, we have calculated a fairly balanced percentage of male and females operating within the lower as well as the upper quartiles. This supports our conclusion that contracted rates are based on experience and skill rather than sex.

The middle quartiles are more dominated by males however this is a reflection of the ratio of males to females working within those quartiles.

Snap shot date 5th April 2018 %
Mean gender pay gap – ordinary pay 2.78
Median gender pay gap – ordinary pay 0.03
Bonus pay in the 12 months ending 5th April 2018 %
Mean gender pay gap – bonus pay 0.0
Median gender pay gap – bonus pay 0.0
The proportion of male and female employees paid a bonus 0.0
Proportion of male and female employees in each quartile
Quartile Female % Male %
Lower 46.15 53.85
Lower Middle 39.42 60.58
Upper Middle 40.38 59.62
Upper 42.31 57.69