Trafalgar specialise in providing contractor accounting services with limited company and umbrella company services. We offer company and personal tax advice, payroll services, VAT and business banking.

Business Insurance

Limited Company Business Insurance

Business insurances cover is usually required by and included in the contracts of agencies and clients, and a company that is genuinely in business on its own account would be expected to be protected by all essential business insurances:

Trafalgar with Hammond Insurance provide insurance cover that can be paid on a monthly basis

This package will cover your Ltd company for the following levels:

  • Professional Indemnity of £1,000,000 per claim
  • PL/Products Liability of £1,000,000 per claim

If your business bank account is not set up, pay for the insurance personally, then re-charge through your business once you have money in the business account.

Moreover, it is available to all contractors, regardless of whether you are a Trafalgar client.

Professional Indemnity

Insurance against costs incurred in the defence and settlement of any negligent act, error or omission for any business providing advice and services and is required by any company providing professional services for the following reasons:

  • Cover is becoming a standard requirement in most agency and client contracts
  • Clients frequently turn to law to settle disputes
  • HMRC consider cover an essential element to justify 'self-employment' status

Public Liability

Covers claims made against a business, if its owners, directors or employees are shown to be responsible for personal injuries to a third party or damage to property.

Employers' Liability

The prescribed legal cover against bodily injury, illness or disease sustained in the course of employment. Cover is no longer a statutory requirement where the director is the only employee.

Tax Investigation Insurance

Covering the costs of preparing and supplying additional accountancy information and legal defence in the event of an HMRC enquiry. It is worthwhile considering as the additional accountancy and legal fees incurred during an investigation can be significant.

Please Note: Tax Investigation Insurance is different from the various forms of tax indemnity insurances. We do not recommend, and strongly advise against any type of tax indemnity insurance particularly since the introduction of MSC legislation.

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