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The final countdown for online VAT submissions

20 February, 2010

As of April 2010 online filing of VAT will be mandatory for businesses with a turnover of £100,000 or more. The same rule will apply to businesses of any size that register for VAT as from April 2010.

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VAT anti avoidance rules

15 November, 2009

The Finance Act 2009 includes rules to prevent businesses from manipulating the change in rate.

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HMRC practical guide to VAT changes

30 September, 2009

The HMRC guide tells you in practical terms how to deal with and apply the change to the new standard rate of VAT.

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VAT Fraud warning by HMRC

04 August, 2009

Additional fraud cases on VAT and other taxes are expected to be uncovered by the HMRC who are working on reducing tax fraud.

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£100m to be paid on VAT cases by HMRC

23 July, 2009

The HMRC is likely to pay out about at least £100m to businesses in overpaid VAT, after dropping its request for a ‘stay’ in the Fleming-Bodycraft case.

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VAT is 42% of deferred business tax

17 June, 2009

Reports are showing that due to cash problems, approximately 141,000 businesses have deferred their tax payments, totalling an amount of £2.5bn.

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VAT Changes for 2010

12 June, 2009

On the 1st January 2010 there will be significant changes to VAT legislation and the way that VAT is administered.

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