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The Tax man takes a look at cigarette duty

06 April, 2010

Cigarettes on the table as the HMRC looks into duty being paid.

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HMRC to cut jobs, thus closing the public spending deficit

03 April, 2010

In an attempt to close the gap in the UK's £167bn public spending deficit, the HMRC is preparing to cut 25,000 jobs and close more than 200 offices by 2011.

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2010 Budget Key Points

25 March, 2010

Key items from the new budget.

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HMRC could bring in £1bn in retrospective corporation tax

20 February, 2010

The HMRC has achieved a number of big successes during the past year with regards to corporate tax crackdowns.

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Organisations that fail to protect client information will face tough penalties

18 February, 2010

Fines as high as £500,000 will come into effect after 6th April for those failing to adequately protect personal information and prevent security breaches.

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Offshore tax claim back gets the go ahead

28 January, 2010

The High Court has given the HMRC the go ahead to claim back millions from UK residents who have their money in tax-haven offshore trusts whether or not they were set up many years ago. The legislation has been introduced with retrospective effect.

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Employers are being warned to act sensibly with regards to snow absenteeism

09 January, 2010

In recent reports business groups have predicted that the cost of absenteeism, due to the snowfall in the last few days, could be costing up to £2 billion.

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Mandelson sets broadband tax plans in motion

08 January, 2010

The 1 billion-pound Next Generation broadband fund, part of last year’s Labour's Digital Britain agenda, will be paid for by levying 50p per month on all fixed telephone lines.

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Only 10,000 used the offshore tax amnesty before expiry date

07 January, 2010

Treasury's Stephen Timms confirmed that just 10,000 have used its latest offshore tax amnesty known as the New Disclosure Opportunity, which expired on January 4.

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The Bank of England will hold interest rates at 0.5% until election

07 January, 2010

The Bank of England recently announced its decision to keep interest rates at 0.5% and to continue its programme of asset purchases to £200bn.

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