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Trafalgar Contractor Solutions announces the rebranding of its Employment Services Company

01 April, 2009

Trafalgar Contractor Solutions today announced the rebranding of its Employment Management Services Company. Previously know as Contractor Solutions Ltd it brings together the company’s two core products; Limited Company Accounting Solutions and Umbrella Company Solutions, under one recognisable brand – TRAFALGAR

Established over 15 years ago Trafalgar has been providing accountancy services to the Contractor and Freelancing market. Given the diversity of solutions required by the contracting market in respect to how they get paid, Trafalgar offers personalised Limited Company solutions and more recently (2004) added an Employment Management Services Company (sometimes referred to as an Umbrella Company) to it’s services portfolio.

Speaking today to Chris Harris, Director he commented “Trafalgar is an established name in the contracting market. We wanted to ensure that when existing or potential employees are looking at the benefits of working with Trafalgar Contractor Solutions, they are reassured that they would be working with a recognised company, that has a solid background based on experience, professionalism, compliancy and flexibility.

Chris went on to say “We have also taken this opportunity to look at some of our internal processes. In line with our continuous improvement programme we have taken advice from KPMG and now have a much stronger Employment Contract, which has been issued to all of our Contractors / Employees. This is an overarching employment contract which also incorporates entitlement to standard Sick and Holiday pay entitlements as well as a guaranteed minimum number of hours work each year. One of the other areas that have also been streamlined is our expenses policy. Business Expenses are now reimbursed in line with the rules and guidelines of the HMRC dispensation.

During the discussions Chris also spoke excitedly about the launch of the Company’s new website which would help “spread the message about the improvements being offered to current and potential employees.”

On this theme he was also quick to give us an exclusive insight to Trafalgar’s newest product offering SalaryNow. “Traditionally within the Umbrella Market, a contractor would have to wait until their Agency has paid the Umbrella, before they in turn would be paid themselves. Now all contractors working for us will be paid based on the submission of their timesheet. We see this as a market leading and innovative service, which shows the true value of its employees to Trafalgar Contractor Solutions.

Chris has promised this will be the first in a series of value added benefits that will be recognised by his employees. Further details will be released shortly

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