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A busy summer for Trafalgar Contractor Solutions

31 August, 2009

Since the last update in April, the UK’s fastest growing Umbrella Company, Trafalgar Contractor Solutions, today gave us a run down of what they have been up to during the summer.

Speaking again today with Chris Harris, Director he commented “Despite the various reports in the media in relation to the employment market and the economy as a whole, we have seen a good increase in the number of people speaking with us about our solutions and in turn deciding to use our services. We are confident that the updates made to our process and services as outlined in April, have been taken on board by the UK contractor market as a very positive move.”

Chris commented further “Through our networks of employees and recruitment agencies, we have found that a lot more people are looking at what they want from a service provider in greater depth than before.  When talking with some of our employees that joined recently, they confirmed that as well as being paid faster than using any other solution, they have been very impressed with the level of service they received with Trafalgar, from their very first discussions about which is the best solution for them, through to the on-boarding process and contract management they have experienced to date.

When pressing Chris about the success of Trafalgar he went on to say “This level of satisfaction has been mirrored by the agencies that we work with. Naturally they are looking for a smooth joining process, quick turnaround in paperwork and good ongoing management of the contracts. Aside from those which we already have a very strong relationship, we are in a number of ongoing discussions with agencies that will recognise Trafalgar as a preferred supplier of accounting services as well as a number of agencies that will recognise us as a partner, bringing added value to the solutions they themselves are selling.”

Chris also informed me that Trafalgar are will be making some announcements shortly regarding additional offerings and benefits that will be recognised by all of Trafalgar’s employees, so I’ll be sure to catch up with him again soon.

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