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2010 Budget Key Points

25 March, 2010

Some of the key points from the 2010 Budget are as follows:


  • 345,000 businesses will pay no rates, as rates are cut for one year as from October
  • Bank bonuses tax raised £2bn in 2009-10, twice as much as forecast
  • Internationally coordinated and systematic tax on banks is needed
  • Stamp duty allowance doubles from £125,000 to £250,000, funded by 5% stamp duty for properties worth more than £1m
  • Tax amnesties agreements with Dominica, Grenada and Belize
  • Inheritance tax threshold frozen for 4 years

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)

  • Investment allowance doubled to £100,000
  • New growth capital fund to provide capital
  • £94bn in new business loans to be provided by RBS and Lloyds with nearly half to SMEs over next year
  • A new credit adjudicator will fast-track complaints from smaller firms
  • A 15% increase in the number of central government contracts going to SMEs


  • Civil servants to be reduced by one third - 15,000 jobs to be relocated outside of London with 5 years
  • A growth package of £2.5bn to be paid for by switching spending in some areas
  • Public-pay settlements to be held at a maximum of 1% over 2 years as from 2011
  • Under-24s unemployed for longer than 6 months will be offered work or training over the next 2 years
  • An extension of tax credits for older workers
  • Over-65s length of time worked to receive credits reduced

Alcohol, tobacco and fuel

  • Cider duty will increase by 10%. Duty increase on beer, wine and spirits as planned
  • Tobacco duty will rise by 1% above inflation this year, then 2% per annum thereafter
  • Fuel duty to rise by 1p in April, followed by a further 1p rise in October and the remainder in January


  • The deficit reduction will go from 11.8% of GDP to 5.2%
  • The UK economy crisis shrank by about 6% over the recession
  • At £167bn, borrowing will be £11bn lower this year
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