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Running a Company

Choosing your salary level

04 March, 2009

Choosing your salary level in a limited company is an important decision that needs to be made early on. This article explains the considerations and offers guidance.

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Managed Service Companies (MSC)

02 March, 2009

In December 2006 the Treasury issued a consultative document called Tackling Managed Services Companies. The document set out the ways the Treasury proposed to tax contractors working through Composite Companies in the main.

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Operating a limited company business

01 March, 2009

Trafalgar is able to provide a complete company formation service and all the information to enable you to decide on which business options and services you require.

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Limited company expenses that are not tax deductible

05 February, 2009

This short article lists the business expenses that cannot be deducted for tax purposes through a limited company business structure.

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The difference between company and personal money

04 February, 2009

Differentiating between company and personal money is often misunderstood. Read this short article explaining the difference..

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Using your home as an office

02 February, 2009

This brief article helps clarify the business expenses that can be claimed through a limited company when a home is used as an office.

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Limited company expense guidelines

01 February, 2009

This comprehensive article on business expense guidelines details the specific expenses that can, and cannot, be claimed through a limited company structure.

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VAT (Value Added Tax)

31 January, 2009

VAT is a tax that you pay when you buy goods and services in the European Union (EU), including the United Kingdom. Where VAT is payable it's normally included in the price of the goods or service you buy.

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Running and controlling a limited company

16 July, 2008

Whilst Trafalgar is on hand to help and assist you in accountancy matters it is important to recognise that you are responsible for running your own business.

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Alternatives to a limited company

02 June, 2008

We discuss all the options available to enable you to make a decision on the business structure that is suitable for your business requirements.

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