Trafalgar has provided compliant accounting services to contractors and consultants for many years based on personal solutions best suited to the individual. We are always open to welcoming new agency relationships.


Agency Agenda

Trafalgar has been providing accountancy services to consultants and contractors for many years based on a personal and individual bases rather than one scheme encapsulating everyone. Discover what many agencies have already found:

  • A personal and confidential service to agencies and contractors
  • Immediate response to enquiries
  • Flexibility in meeting contractors and agencies
  • Sound advice to empower contractors and consultants to operate their businesses
  • A choice of services to suit the individual:

Agencies can rest assured that Trafalgar follow the PSC guidelines and use our best endeavours to ensure we do not operate as an MSC or MSC provider.

Agency Assurance

Trafalgar guarantees that:

  • Our accountants have a range of accountancy skills and qualifications from:
    • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, (ICAEW)
    • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and (CIMA)
    • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (formerly Data Protection Agency)
  • We are registered under Money Laundering Regulations 2007
  • Our clients come from a range of consultancy and contract skill bases

The Trafalgar Client Relationship

  • We provide a range of accountancy services from which clients’ select an individually customised corporate solution for their requirements
  • Clients can alter their service if their business requirements change
  • We charge a flat rate fee, agreed in advance that is not dependent on the client’s income or rate
  • We do not participate in the negotiation of clients’ contracts nor does it influence or control the provision of services between client and end users
  • We cannot influence or control the way clients receive payments or benefit financially from the provision of the client’s services to the end users
  • We have no influence or control on the way clients distribute their income and have no control or access to any client bank accounts
  • We do not insist on the use of a specified provider for any ancillary services
  • We do not offer or promote tax loss insurance to clients
  • We do not act as Company Director or Company Secretary to any client companies
  • We do not have any clients with offshore companies or bank accounts

Knowledge Base